Sułkowski Boats

Who we are


The urge to create unique yachts led to the emergence of a brand new yacht line nexø – for chosen.

Thanks to five years of studies at the Department of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology of Gdańsk University of Technology, I was able to gain theoretical knowledge. My father’s and his company’s Boat Yard “Sułkowski” support and huge experience, enabled me to utilize this knowledge in practice. What I consider a great success, is the belonging to the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

Our values

Our customers

The nexø yachts are modern yachts designed for people with dreams and ambitions. We also focus on a safety of our products so You can practice with Your family and friends. You can spend Your time on nexø wherever You want and the way You love!

Fully trailerable

All nexø yachts are fully trailerable thanks to its weight and dimensions. You can easily launch boat from trailer and set up the mast with Your crew!

Technology of production

In the production of the yachts nexø, the company makes use of new technologies, which are uncommon on our domestic market. Vacuum technologies, sandwich materials are a part of our production.

The European character of nexø yachts is emphasized by the well thought-out project, the quality of usued materials and also a fresh look at the yachts construction.

We will create a yacht for you. A yacht, you will be proud of.

Our presence around the world