Solé Diesel

Who we are

Solé Diesel was founded in 1912 by Mr. Enrique Solé Jorba. The company, which is now 100 years old, is totally consolidated in the marine market with engines, generators and accessories. Nowadays it is managed by the 3rd generation; Mr. Enrique Solé Matas.

Today it is reference point brand in the engine marinization in both, domestic and international markets. During all these years, the company stand apart in the market thanks to the philosophy of personalized customer service, always offering the best advice, seeking the best alternatives according the client’s needs for both leisure and commercial application. 100 years of experience in the sector guarantee’s the final result of the products.

Solé Diesel products are entirely manufactured in Martorell (Barcelona), under the highest quality standards, always having the client’s satisfaction as a target. In order to achieve the client’s needs, the company work together with the finest brands in the market including Mitsubishi, Deutz and Kubota.

Our values

Solé Diesel believes in leading the way with product innovation, continuous product improvements and an effective after sales and service network to ensure all customers’ expectations are met. Its international distributors (more than 50 all over the world) with their own local network of chandleries and workshops, it’s the proof of how important is for the company the after sales service. Any client sailing all over the world can easily find a Solé Diesel service.

It is known as a flexible, dynamic and effective company and part of the product success lies in the combination between the knowhow from the most experienced staff, with the newest techniques from the newest generations, and the total control of the manufactured process.

Our presence around the world