Socovena & Mapla

Who we are

Socovena&Mapla the reference point, a sort of "light house", for shipbuilders, architects, yacht designers and specialized marine upholsterers, was created at the beginning of the '70s and has been actively operating for over 40 years.

Socovena&Mapla has established itself on the market for the production and distribution of eco-leathers and specific items for the marine industry, including coatings for indoor and outdoor cushions, canvas, canopies, bimini, bimini top, and specific products for floorings, anti-skids, wall coverings, foams, sound proofs and many others.

The wide range of products suggested – and always available in stock - are the company's response to the needs of the marine industry (cruise and pleasure). In this way, Socovena&Mapla presents itself as a supplier able to offer to its customers a customer experience of great satisfaction.

Prestigious names of the Italian and international shipyards, architects, yacht designers and well-known contract companies are just some of the customers who trust the Socovena&Mapla brand.

The Company has always dealt with the production and distribution of nautical upholstery products however, in recent years it has been expanding its actions, catering also for other nautical-related sectors sharing the same needs and requirements.

Socovena&Mapla is certified ISO 9001/2000.

Our values

Innovation and Research Development: State of the art technological innovation - innovative applications of new and raw materials

Focus on Product Quality: Strict and constant quality checks throughout the entire production cycle

Environmentally Friendly: No solvents, phthalates and other pollutants components are used

Production 100% Made in Italy: our Asset

Design: Constant research of new trends