SF Marina

Who we are

SF Marina have been in the forefront in the field of concrete pontoons and
breakwaters for a century now. We are internationally recognized for providing
our customers tailor-made premium marinas and advanced floating solutions
all over the world. Our knowledge and experience has withstood the test of
time and the force of nature since 1918.
Living up to our promise – still there after the storm.

Our values

SF Marina introduced the concept of floating
concrete construction a century ago and the
floating concrete pontoons became our number
one product. About 40 years ago we launched the
floating breakwaters allowing deep water developments
and positive environmental effects such
as water flow and no bottom footprint. Ever since
the beginning, new and more exposed locations
have called for novel solutions, turbulence chambers,
stronger connectors and novel anchoring
techniques to mention a few.
At SF Marina development is an ongoing process.
Every day we are challenged with more and more
exposed locations. Civil construction is moving
the boundaries of what is technically possible to
build and SF Marina is proud to take part in this
Experience and new demands from installations,
customers and representatives around the world
are funnelled back to our headquarters where the
R&D staff quickly transform these to functional
products or processes. Experience from the salty
waters of the Middle East to the strength and
durability of a connector exposed the fury of the
North Atlantic, all are incorporated in every one
of our products.
We were first to break the boundaries, finding
solutions where others failed and we take pride
in the fact that our products last longer, often
exceeding the 50-year life expectancy.

Our presence around the world