Who we are

Since 2007 Seaview Progress, associated with PYI Inc, manufactures and distributes equipment mainly for the Boating industry. As a privileged partner of many European shipyards, Seaview Progress has built its reputation thanks to the recognized quality of its products and a stock allowing great reactivity. Being a supplier to many professionals does not prevent it from remaining a team of sea enthusiasts, Seaview Progress is proud to be a partner of many adventurers.

Our values

It is not possible to present Seaview Progress by talking only about its product catalog. Of course, the range and the quality of the products presented have a lot to do with the success of this company, it is however very important for Jean-Didier Martial, its manager, not to dissociate the quality of the products from the concept of service which is due to all customers.
Seaview Progress has therefore developed around 4 axes, each as important as the next:

Quality, Service, Availability and Passion

• Quality: the choice of products, whether as a manufacturer or as a distributor, has always been Seaview Progress's primary development axis.
"There is no question of taking the easy way out and offering products that do not offer the best guarantee of satisfaction to their users. »Explains Mr Martial.
The product catalog is quite varied although it contains few brands, but each product family has been carefully selected in order to respond, through the quality of the components, the originality and the reliability of its offer, to technically relevant solutions for users.
• Availability: "difficult to invest in stock" is often what we hear these days and is often the problem encountered when ordering! Seaview Progress, made the bet and the investment of a significant stock from the launch of the company. Their customers know that the entire catalog is available as soon as possible and this has become a pact of trust and loyalty between the company and its customers.
• Service: This point is inseparable from the objective of availability. The service is provided in two ways: firstly, always responding quickly to requests and quotes, by maintaining an up-to-date stock, but also by ensuring product monitoring and customer satisfaction.
While Seaview Progress works mainly in B to B, the company considers its PRO customers as partners and the end customer, ie the user of the products, as the most important customers. Over time, the team has established a bond of trust with its distributors and many of them put them in direct contact with their customers so that they can answer their questions as quickly as possible and guarantee them the best possible service. "A sale is not finalized until the user has received complete satisfaction from our product."
• Passion: “There is no job well done without an element of passion and we remember that our customers and users are passionate too. "It is for this reason that Seaview Progress supports many projects, whether they are performance projects or those of dreamers or enthusiasts.

Our presence around the world