SADIRA Marine Products

Who we are

SADIRA began its activity in 1964, dedicating itself to the manufacture of a professional lubricant called Centauro. Expands its activity in the nautical, sports and armory markets. The need to clean the engines, tools and weapons that came from the customers, led the company to formulate Centauro.

SADIRA decides to give a change in its business strategy to dedicate itself intensively to the manufacture and commercialization of repair and maintenance products for recreational boats and weapons. The requirement of customers and the difficulty of finding such specific products on the market with proven quality has been the engine of constant innovation. The hardness of the marine waters causes great deteriorations in the surfaces, engines and materials of the boats.

* Sadira accumulates many years of experience

* Own R & D Center

* We are a reference brand

SADIRA offers multiple solutions for professionals and nautical enthusiasts

Today, SADIRA is a leader in the Spanish market of products for the repair and maintenance of pleasure boats.

Centauro is the ideal lubricant for the most demanding professional in the repair of any engine punished by sea saltpeter. The SADIRA product range includes repair kits for polyester resins, epoxy, gel coat, treatments for the restoration and maintenance of teak wood and fiberglass.

Our values



SADIRA works with the firm commitment to continue offering its consumers and customers professional products of high efficiency and quality for cleaning, maintenance and repairs always respecting the marine environment.


Commercialize in the World Nautical market, products originally developed for the Professional Market of Repair and Maintenance of Recreational Boats.


To be recognized as the benchmark for efficiency and quality in repair and maintenance products.