Ruban Bleu

Who we are

Ruban Bleu reached the status of European Electric Boat Leader by working hand in hand with its clustomers since 1992. Well-known in the domain of nautism and inland shipping, the company became a major actor of the electric revolution of the past years by widen its boat range.

Our range extend from 5 to 30 seats, conceived and manufactured in France, it can satisfy professionals as well as private owners.

Ruban Bleu's team provides its French Savoir-Faire to help customers with their nautic centres project during the processus of creation.

Nautic centres are important for communities and might be essential for cities when they are the motors and dynamism of the local tourism.

In this way, Ruban Bleu comit to supply tools and levers to insure a well set-up and a sustainable profitability of these nautical centres.

Our values

Our engagement in 4 terms:

• Sustainable development
• Innovation
• Quality
• Customers satisfaction

I. Sustainable development
Ruban Bleu is following the same objective from the beginning: Generalize and popularize the electric boat cruising to everyone against the massive use of thermic engine. Continuously searching to reduce our ecological impact on the environment, we are monitoring our suppliers, distributors and clients in their development process.

We must be an example for our community:
• Reduction of energy consumption (electricity and water)
• Reconsideration of our business trips
• Sorting and recycling the necessary waste (and monitoring of the suppliers treating it).

We recently launched a program of battery recovering directly at our client’s place. This program provide:
• Traceability
• Reduction of transportation
• Support our clients in their ecological process
We maintain a level of sustainable progress in front of the responsibilities given.

II. Innovation

Our first differentiation from our competitors is obviously our expertise in nautical centres. We are able to support our clients for every steps in their rental boat activity launching with the latest technologies to bring them to success directly during the first year.
Our objective now is crystal-clear: launch a new boat every year. We must open our range to answer the needs of everyone.
Through the years, the company experienced a significant progress, improving the performance of our boats.
However, this market is becoming more competitive, we must be aware of the latest launched technologies and we must work hand in hand with research units and engineers to reduce the electricity consumption of our boats and keep our competitive advantage.
With this in mind, we launched in 2015 a new range of electric motor Eco One, to improve the capacity, the autonomy and the performances of our boats.

III. Quality
Ruban Bleu have a strict monitoring process of its suppliers and distributors. The European leader position require us to work on this, years after years, providing the best material and boats for our clients. The company choose each of its suppliers to offer the best quality, performance, sustainability, resistance and price of each product.

IV. Customers satisfaction
Ruban Bleu supports project initiators from the beginning (feasibility) to the end (nautical centre launching). We get our Customer satisfaction from our expertise in this domain, maintaining a personalised relationship with each client.