Who we are

ROVMAKER is an innovative company dedicated to connecting the underwater world. We specialize in developing and providing underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and accessories, making underwater exploration and research simple and efficient. Our products and services span multiple fields including education, research, and entertainment, creating a diverse community of underwater explorers, enthusiasts, and professional users. As a government-certified high-tech company, we hold 60% of the market share in China's ROV equipment field and possess numerous copyrights and patents.

Core Advantages:

Price Guarantee: We constantly focus on cost and accessibility, ensuring that our thrusters, components, and underwater ROVs offer the best value for money in the market.

Comprehensive Technical Support: We provide not just products but also a wide range of technical support, including 3D files, forums, emails, and videos.

Customizable Service: We strive to offer a one-stop experience, with all accessories related to underwater ROVs supporting customization service.

Our vision is to make the underwater world accessible through innovative technology and educational practice. ROVMAKER, exploring everything under the water!

Our values

Integrity First: We prioritize honesty and ethical conduct, ensuring transparency and building trust in all our relationships.

Simple & Practical: Our focus is on user-friendly, efficient solutions, emphasizing practicality in our technology for real-world applications.

Innovative Development: We're dedicated to creative advancements in underwater technology, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Win-Win Cooperation: We believe in collaborative partnerships that benefit all parties, working towards mutual success in the underwater technology field.