RotorSwing Holland B.V.

Who we are

RotorSwing Holland consists of a team of enthusiast technicians, who’s main concern is achieving high levels of onboard comfort through mastering the art of roll dampening.

Often the obvious solution to a wide known problem like ship motion seems to play out in minor changes to existing technology. However many years of effort have resulted in a very particular concept which can not be compared to any other stabilizer system available.

The RotorSwing concept is not only a revolutionary new way of mastering kinetic energy in the form of manipulating waterflow when the yacht is under way. It can also generate exceptionally effective thrusts of water displacement on its own by moving a rotor tube through the water. Making the system suitable for ZeroSpeed / at anchor applications.

As the rotor arm can move freely under the yacht, the RotorSwing stabilizer can be regarded as fully retractable. Reducing the risk of damaging the stabilizer.

RotorSwing stabilizers are suited for yachts up to 35 meters in length performing from ZeroSpeed up to 25 knots.

Our values