RM Yachts - Fora Marine

Who we are

Fora Marine shipyard is based in La Rochelle (France) and built RM sailing boats.

Our values

The RM’s are exclusive boats which offer a number of advantages ; their ambition is to give the best level possible in four key areas :

- Speed through their rigidity, their sail area/weight ratio and their hull shape, RM's aim to be among the fastest cruisers in their class.

- Well being, to live and sail on an RM accentuates the normal sensations : impression of speed, quietness in the cabin, 180 degree light and visibility, dry atmosphere, absence of smell, absence of rust, etc...

- Respect for the environment, built in ply/epoxy, the RM’s offer by far the best outcome in terms of recyclability.

- Design very sporty, the RM’s are easily identified ; elegant design, long lines, personal choice of colour. Very seductive, their owners have great pride in them.

Exclusive method of production. To offer all these qualities RM's are built in a totally exclusive way, continuously developed over 25 years :

- Hull in epoxy impregnated marine ply : solid, rigid, light, environmentally friendly ; and above all giving great performance.

- Structure in galvanised steel : solid fixation of the keel (or keels in the twin keel versions), to counteract the downward pressure of the mast, to make the whole structure really solid.

- Cutter rig with storm jib or staysail to give the most flexible sail plans for every sailing condition and to avoid the loss of shape in a part rolled genoa.

- Forward facing saloon window giving fantastic 180 degree visibility for the interior : more comfort, safety, (and less sea-sickness...).

- Choice of keels and rudders with a monokeel for maximum performance, twin keel for shallower draught and taking the ground easily, and the choice of a deep single rudder or shallower twin rudders.

- Cabin overhead lining in plywood with airgap which gives great comfort : thermal insulation and absence of condensation.

Our presence around the world