Rim Drive Technology

Who we are

Rim Drive Technology (RDT) is one of the innovators for electric mobility on and under water. The company develops and manufactures electric motors from 0,5 to 50kW for industrial, commercial and subsea applications. RDT products are light weight, high efficient, compact and compatible with many other brands. Rim Drive Technology believes in offering the total solution for every client within every market: from electric motor to battery, from throttle control to battery monitor.

Why our Rim Drives?
- Rim drives have an immediate acceleration response in comparison with conventional solutions.
- A compact and lightweight design makes our products compatible for the smallest installation.
- Because of the stepless controlling our rim drive motors can be operated proportionally.
- No center shaft limits the chance that ropes, or fishing nets will get stuck in the propeller.
- All rim drive parts are fully closed according IP68.
- A rim drive has only one rotating part which reduce the amount of maintenance.
- A propeller exchange is taking a minute only.

We want to explain our customers the operation of our products. At our website you can find for each product the most relevant information.
- To let you understand the way of installation and the important points of our products you can download manuals.
- To let you understand the extremely limited size of our products and to easily integrate it in your design you can download 3D Step files.
- To let you understand the characteristics of our products you can download brochures.

Our values

Rim Drive Technology is a reliable and innovative company which is working world-wide in the rim drive market due to a high service level and flexible solutions.

The existing know-how in our company we want to use to grow to serial production for each product.

- Innovation
- Passion
- Professional
- Flexible
- Reliable
- Customer focused
- Service focused
- Long term relations with suppliers and clients

Our presence around the world