Rhea Marine

Who we are

Knowledge, experience, tradition and passion of naval heritage is what makes Rhea
Marine, a small shipyard situated in La Rochelle, so unique. The yard builds with talented
hands elegant motor boats that you can personalize as you please.

- Createdin 1996
- Surface area of the shipyard : 8950 square meters / covered area : 2341 square meters
- 20 people working in production whorepresent all together 260 years of experience in the
construction of the Rhea boats.
- 3 ranges of boats
- 2000 boats built since the creation of the shipyard

Our values

Rhea Marine, a sum of added values for a top quality.
The story of Rhea Marine began in 1996 when its founder, B.Danglade, in association with Joubert Nivelt’s office,
designed a boat for the modern yachtsmen who wanted to go sailing and fishing on an elegant, traditional but also
comfortable boat with a minimum of maintenance.
The Rhea boats drew their inspiration from the traditional esthetic of the “coureauleurs“, small typical wooden boats
which sailed on the French Atlantic Coast in the 60’s, more precisely from the Sevre Niortaise to the Tremblade, as
well as from the fishermen’s and oyster farmer’s experience. Who can design a seaman boat better than them?
This expertise can be perpetuated by following some strict traditional rules in the assemblyand building techniques in
order to offer top quality boats. Their vintage style is characterized by a flared bow and a tumblehome, and it reveals a
perfect blend of modernity and with a true sense of marine vocation.