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Who we are

PureWater-Watermaker the expert for water treatment with desalination plants

If you are looking for a watermaker, you have found the right company! Whether you are a boat owner or a house owner by the sea, whether you own a yacht service company or a hotel by the sea - we will take care of the appropriate water treatment with our desalination plant.

Drinking water treatment plant and desalination plant for your yacht

If you are thinking about installing a desalination plant on your yacht, you should definitely take a closer look at our portfolio! First of all: We offer complete systems, which means that everything is included and you don't have to pay more for many small extras. So you don't get into shallows with your financial planning and can enjoy your drinking water treatment plant untroubled on the high seas.

Our values

Watermaker - Water treatment for the outdoor area

Our watermakers are all based on the principle of reverse osmosis. A watermaker is a drinking water conditioner in which the seawater is pressed through a semi-permeable membrane and the components dissolved in the seawater are separated. This principle is ultimately based on the principle of osmosis in nature, except that it works the other way round. So you get fresh drinking water on your yacht or sailboat without having to carry large supplies on board.

Choose a PureWater desalination system and soon the drinking water will bubble up on your yacht or in your house by the sea thanks to our water treatment! Contact us at any time via e-mail or telephone - we look forward to assisting you with water treatment in the outdoor area.