Potona Marine Co., Ltd.

Who we are

Potona Marine is leading professional company, which specializes in the Floating Dock System. Our one-stop boutique services include Design, Manufacturing, Installation, and Maintenance of Floating Docks. Marina Design is provided and customized according to the actual site condition. Listening and understanding our Clients is very important to us too. Design of the Marina is also based on the information and requirements furnished by our Clients.

Till date, Potona Marine has more than 10 years experience in the industry, and has served more than 40 marinas in China, as well as in other countries. This is a total of 250,000m2 dock area.

Our professional team is located in both our Shenzhen and Singapore offices. Further presence has also been created in USA, Canada, and South Korea.

Potona Marine also strongly holds the belief of conserving and protecting the environment. Therefore, during our design phase, utilizing energy saving products are in our utmost consideration. Great efforts are made from the initial design stage to the manufacturing process. Materials which are being used during the process go through stringent screening and checks, in order to achieve the goal of constructing an environmental friendly Yacht Marina.

Our values

Specialized in :

      Marina Floating Pontoons

      Designs,Customization,Installation & Maintenance

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