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Who we are

Pollustock France has been created in 2009 in the aim of fighting against pollution in the aquatic environment. Our permanent involvement for more than 10 years in the design of new generation anti-pollution floating barriers, and in the realization of a set of innovative solutions to contain and control accidental and chronic pollutions in the most extreme contexts, gradually imposed Pollustock as a reference player in the world of environmental protection.

By pushing back the limits of use of our equipment year after year, we have opened new perspectives of action and efficiency regarding surface pollution control and the control of suspended matter. Supporting businesses and communities in their objectives of prevention and environmental responsibility, is for us a top priority that imposes a totally differentiating approach based on listening, availability, responsiveness and a complete and perfectly complete and structured offer of products and services.

Our values

Pollustock is focused on human aspect which is placed in the heart of our management and development dynamics. Respect, responsability, integrity, trust, security and performance are strong values shared by all men and women who work in the company. All of them strengthen our costumers relationships by proposing effictive solutions to their needs and requirements. We also strive to ensure that these values are shared by all our stakeholders.