Who we are

Global leader in customised marine aids to navigation products and remote power solutions. Our marine AtoN products ensure safety and compliance in accordance with IALA recommendations and national regulations.

With manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdon and in the United States and a global network of distributors we can handle any Ports & Harbours or Offshore marking needs.

Our values


Supplying quality products and services is ourmission; we are manufacturers, rather thandistributors. Our staff engineers research, developand produce equipment designed specifically foryour requirements. And we deliver as promised,whether your order is a simple spare part or a longterm, complex project.


It is integral to our operation: a commitment to reliability that starts with expertengineering for our current products andextends through research and development of tomorrow’s innovations. Itshows in every conversation, everytransaction, every service we provide.Trustworthy performance is the basis ofour reputation for quality, and is theprime reason that our customers havemade us the global leader in our field. Our experience means that we can anticipate and follow through on yourneeds, providing the dependable planning and backup that make your job easier. Whether you are dealing with complex regulations or employeetraining or project design, you can count on our help. Any time. Any place.


Named after the famous lighthouse that stood on the Isle of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt, Pharos Marine began making aids to navigation more than 100 years ago. The company's founder, Gustav Dalen, had a distinguished career, winning a Nobel Prize when he introduced a system of acetylene gas lights capable of operating for a year without service. His belief that "the light must never go out" became the foundation for a corporate vision that has guided our company to this day.

To date, Pharos Marine Automatic Power, Inc. has provided products for some of the most famous navigation projects around the world, including the first oil rigs off the coast of Texas and the first buoys for the Panama Canal. Today PMAPI continues to provide signaling, monitoring and power solutions, operating worldwide from offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Dubai.

Our name, products and services have evolved over the past century. Our commitment to excellence has not.