Who we are

OceanAlpha Group Ltd. is the world's leading commercial unmanned surface vehicle (USV) company in the world. It has grown from a single small office in 2010 to a workforce of over 626 employees today, with more than 214 R&D engineers and 602 pieces of USV related patents.

To support humans get closer to the ocean with lower cost, higher efficiency and enhanced safety, OceanAlpha is serving professionals from various fields with integrated USV solutions. Its advanced products are redefining the way of data acquisition, life-saving, auto-piloting and swam controlling in the marine sector.

So far, OceanAlpha's business involves inland & offshore surveying, environmental monitoring, marine engineering, security & rescue, transportation, and recreation. The company is now operating in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our values

Inspired by our motto, “Creativity, Reliability and Responsibility”. Targeted at building world’s leading automatic-controlled robot, we aim to be a company driven by its customers, directed by its employees, and heading towards a common goal of providing exceptional water quality monitoring model and solutions meeting with the demands of each unique client.

Our presence around the world