Who we are

"Protect and Decorate your Boat, anywhere in the world"
- Our NV business -

Pioneer and leader in Europe, NVequipment designs and manufactures customised equipment for protection and comfort for all navigation and boat types, for builders, retailers and charterers. Today, the company, based in western France, is the only European organisation with the ability to combine industrial efficiency and expert craftsmanship. NV products protect, customise and add a touch of style and comfort to sailing boats.

" Always by your side in your passion "
- Our mission -

Through its constant contact with recreational boaters, NVequipment quickly understood that the needs and the equipment were different depending on boating practices.​Fishermen and women need protection. Regatta sailors remain purists looking for thrills and sensations on the water. Family cruises require a high-level of safety and comfort on board, while motorboats require practicality, functionality and speed depending on the type of boat.

For the past 15 years, recreational sailing has become more popular with the explosion of leisure activities. Sea excursions are frequent on sunny days. Boats are put away as late as possible, at the end of autumn, so people can make the most of their passion for sailing. The longer sailing season and prolonged weekend outings require Outdoor protective canopies and covers.

For this reason, for more than 20 years, NVequipment has developed a wide range of protective equipment, customised for every boat. Everyone can thus freely indulge in their passion, either at sea or moored or at anchor.

Our values

Products change to suit the practices and needs of boat owners. NV works tirelessly to provide satisfaction to all its

Services for the end-user
+++ A multilingual website (4 languages)
We share your priority: for boat owners’ satisfaction with a full technical database of documentation.
+++ Multi-channel customer service
(website, social media, shows) to answer customers’ questions and guide them to you.
+++ A NV sailors Community to keep in touch, and understand customers’ experience and expectations.

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