Nitty Gritty

Who we are

The story of Nitty-Gritty is a story of talent and passion. The factory was established in September 1995 by three friends, who studied the pickling technologies that already existed on the market such as the pickling paste for weld cleaning and developed a more advanced technological machines for weld cleaning. This allowed Nitty-Gritty to sell and provide more than 50,000 machines all over the world following their lines.

Nitty-Gritty range offers 3 product lines:

- Clinox for pickling, polishing and marking inox surfaces

- Velum for machinery protection against oily mist and dust

Our values

Nitty-Gritty with its products cares about ecology (Re-drink), environment (Clinox line) and workers safety (Velum and Clinox line). The company with its team is always searching for innovative solutions, which respect environment, ecology and safety working conditions.