META Yachts

Who we are

We have been building boats since 1963. First in steel, then, since 1977, in aluminium according to our patented Strongall® process.

Many well known navigators have owned and still own a META yacht and our boats are so cherished that second hand ones are hard to come round—people keep them forever and pass them on to their kids!

New owner since since 2020, Philippe Brabetz, who is also a naval architect, has reinsuflated new dynamics and is developing new lines: the META 50 and META 43DS are both innovative and audacious all the while respectful of the company's historic heritage.

Another innovation is META Yachts Services, our Mediterranean subsidiary, specialized in fittings, technical preparation, handling, maintenance, conciergerie, wintering and much more.

Our values

Quality: for the beauty of a job well done and the gift of a safer, cleaner environment.

Respect: for humanity in all its colors and shapes.

Courage: to invest in the future and to brave the unknown.