maglassX GmbH

Who we are

The world’s first magnetic glasses.

Our young Bavarian start-up is already revolutionising the glassware market – on a global scale. You as well as we know the problem of falling glasses. silwy is now putting a stop to this problem. Simple, but brilliant: there is a magnet in the base of the silwy glass which has a counterpart in the silwy coasters or the silwy camping table. As a result, the glass stays where you put it and is held as if by magic. You will love our glasses – MADE IN GERMANY.

Our values

Genuine crystal glasses and waves generally don’t seem like a good combination. Regular plastic cups are also more of a makeshift solution than an indulgence.

Magnetic glasses, on the other hand, don't only look good, they are also stable. Feel free to put your glasses anywhere with the help of the self-adhesive, residue-free removable silwy coasters. Of course, the adhesive force between the magnet and the magnetic, non-slip opposite pole is balanced in such a way that even a full glass can easily be picked up again. Even at high speeds, with strong waves, or when placed up hight, the silwy magnetic glasses stand firm. That's a promise.