Who we are

Lopolight designs, develops and manufactures LED Navigation Lights including Control & Monitoring systems in Denmark, these unique products have LED’s based in epoxy, which makes them completely vibration resistant and waterproof.

They are mounted in a machined and anodized aluminum housing which makes them extremely durable and ideal for all types of vessels from the most demanding ocean crossing racing sailboat to commercial vessel applications.

Lopolights are Colreg72 certified and Wheelmarked, have been tested and certified by QinetiQ, a USCG approved laboratory, to comply with UL1104. The lights are properly marked for mounting on new built boats.

Please visit the Lopolight website at www.lopolight.com for a complete listing and detailed specifications on all Lopolight products. Please contact us for further information on the appropriate light for each vessel’s length.

Our values