Kuiper Holland - Dutch Marine Panels

Who we are

Kuiper Holland has more than 65 years of experience in manufacturing interior panels for the super yacht building industry. As a committed partner, we like to get involved with the projects of our customers at an early stage, working closely together to reach optimal results. Product groups: Kuiper Serene Soundproof panels - Kuiper Air lightweight sandwich panels - Kuiper Protect fire retardant panels - Kuiper Art veneer & HPL panels - Kuiper Basic plywood and panels.

Our values

Hans Golbach, Director of Kuiper Holland. Says people rarely get excited when he says what his company does. “It’s not very sexy but I think It’s the most wonderful thing in the world.
We produce and supply surfaces for various uses that are quaranteed to be perfectly flat. This requires an awesome amount of technology, craftmanship and innovation….and that is Exciting!

Yes, we make panels. But not all panels are good enough to bear the brand name Kuiper. Wood is combined with every imaginable material to create special panels with unique specifications. The innovation and technology we apply to produce the average sheet of 3m² is truly impressive.

Our family business started in the scenic landscape of Twente almost 65 years ago. Like me, the founder Mr. Kuiper thoroughly enjoyed his work and the craftmanship that brought out the hidden beauty of nature. Today, our veneers are an art from in their own right. Only by using the best materials and craftmanship can you ensure quality. If we can’t find a panel material that meets out requirements, we have it purpose-made from trees that grow under similar conditions in that region. This has the added benefit of guaranteeing consistent quality. Add in a good sprinkling of Twente clear-headedness and you have innovative solutions that pool different materials into panels with unique specifications. The result is more than veneers. The result is Kuiper Holland - Dutch Marine Panels.