The Jonathan Project

Who we are

The Jonathan Project srl was launched by two international granted patents, of which it is deposed and holder. It has designed, developed and built  Oilkiller, a boat able to remove oily pollutant on water in an effective, efficient and economical way.

OilKiller is now on sale at a launch offer.

The idea was born from the observation of a wide margin of improvement in the effectiveness of the remediation and containment of damage.

Oil spills in oceans can be  caused by two main factors: routine works, such as port operations or the simple refueling of a motorboat, and environmental disasters, like the sinking of an oil tanker.

In both cases pollution is spreading very fast, expanding and giving rise to smelly and harmful patches into the environment that often can even arrive to the shore where we swim.

OilKiller solves the need of cleaning and maintenance, remediation and damage reduction in civil, social and industrial under coastal water.

The synergy between innovative ideas, technical skills and attention towards the environment has always determined the work of the company that over the years has had several recognitions, including:

- Rotary International District 2060 – Science and Technology Award 2016 to the innovation project

- 1° place in the competiotion Innautic Barcamper Challenge (La Spezia, 10th May 2013)

- 2° place in the competition Start Cup FVG 2011 (Trieste, 20th June 2011)

The activity of our company has been a source of interest for the writing of three theses at the University of Trieste:

- “Study of Oil Skimmer for operation in coastal waters”. Student: Jan Nacmias Indri, A.Y. 2013/2014

- “Study of international standards of naval certification”. Student: Mattia Capucci, A.Y. 2013/2014

- “Design, construction and hydrodynamic tests of a Floc scale model (Flexible Oil Collector), sea skimmer for coastal waters”. Student: Germano Degan, A.Y. 2012/2013

and also scientific papers:

- ICTS 2014 - 16th  International Conference on Transport Science

- ICTS 2013 - 15th International Conference on Transport Science

- NAV 2012 - 17th International Conference on Ships and Shipping Research

Finally, our commitment has also been reported by various mass media, such as radio, TV programs and newspapers:

- Il Piccolo (newspaper of Trieste) -  Column Science&Society - Tuesday 3rd July 2018 - pag. 31

- Airone (scientific journal) - Year XXXVII N° 446 - June 2018 - pag. 34-37

- Nautech - marine technologies, engines&equipments (marine periodical) - Year X - September 2014 - pag. 47-49

- Repubblica delle idee – cultural column from La repubblica - Mestre, 12th October 2013

- Host in the transmission Telequattro - Interviewed from Dr. Annalisa Plet - 09th July 2013

- Host in the transmission Caterpillar - RAI Radio 2, conducted from Massimo Cirri - 23rd June 2010

Our values

TJP operates in line with the principles of the International Management System adopted by the IMO (International Maritime Organization), maintaining its corporate values ​​of reliability, innovation, quality, socio-economic, environmental and corporate focus.

The company policy of TJP is based on values ​​such as reliability, attention to innovation, product quality and services offered and attention in the socio-economic, business and environmental fields, shared also from its individual subjects, that are part of this family.