Who we are

Italdraghe, born in 1952 in San Giovanni in Marignano, projects and constructs dredgers and dredging equipment. Over the last 60 years the company has supplied plenty of dredgers for rivers, lakes, dams, canals, ports, mines and quarries. Beside dredgers, Italdraghe SpA provides dredging solutions designed to satisfy specific customers’ needs in order to enable clients to execute complex projects. Italdraghe products fit a wide range of applications such as Maritime industry, Metallurgical industry, Mining industry, Coal power industry and Building material industry.

Italdraghe's mission is to project and develop dredging equipment of the best quality, following our customers’ requirements and to continue to be a reference point in the dredging sector for quality, customized solutions, innovation and environmental protection.

Italdraghe offers a wide variety of products including Cutter Suction Dredgers, Harvesters, Dredging Heads, Dredging Pumps, Rudder Propellers, Bow Thrusters, Dredging Equipments (such as booster, booster stations, workboats, Hydraulic Power Pack, Screening Plants, Cutter, Cutter Auger, Cutter Head, Cutter Teeth, “Tre Vie”, Curves).

Our values

From the half of the last century, thanks to technological advances and extensive worldwide dredging experience, Italdraghe has become the leading dredger builder in Italy.

Italdraghe strenghts are:
1. Flexibility and versatility thanks to custom made dredgers and dredging equipment
2. Deep know-how and expertise of the dredging industry
3. Innovative and cutting edge solutions
4. Continuous focus on materials quality
5. Support and technical assistance throughout all the product lifecycle
6. Constant availability of spare parts in stock
7. Worldwide network to grant clients support

Not just dredgers, but dredging solutions.

Our presence around the world