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Who we are

Marina Master© is software product of family owned company - IRM Ltd. with more than 30 years’ experience, tradition and with special knowledge and expertise in providing Marina Management Software Solution worldwide.

It’s flexibility according to specific marina needs enable Marinas, Marina resorts, Yacht Clubs and Ports full control of all management & control processes in a rapidly changing marine environment. Marina Master© cloud based platforms are driven by customers’ needs and are utilized by marina owners, managers, staff and boaters.

Marina Master© offers complete service for Interactive Reservation System, Invoicing, advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management), designed especially for Marinas, myMarina Portal, Movement control, Reception desk, Yacht Club, POS and fuel sales, Boatyard and Shipyard, Servicing and Warehouse, Charter, Accomodation Management, Store, Food & Beverage, Accountancy and Management - EIS, Dock Walk, Meter Readings, CCTV, Payment integration, Accounting and ERP systems and more.

Marina Master can be used from any mobile device and can be used as Cloud Based Solution.

Marina Master agile development and support team is guided by professionalism and expert knowledge and proud that Marina Master users appreciate Marina Master’s flexibility, drive and heartiness and identify Marina Master as a global leader in the industry.

IRM team has also high confidence from banks, who use their second product - IBI Master - software for investment banking.

“Every experience with our customer is goldmine for our strategy”, say Tone Britovsek M.Sc., Founder and Owner, Vesna Pavlovic M.Sc., CEO and Irena Cadez M.Sc., CEO, Marina Master©.

Our values

Professionalism / Commitment / Positive attitude / Knowledge / Care

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