Hyundai SeasAll

Who we are

Together for a better future!

HYUNDAI-SEASALL was established at 2009 and we are an independent Venture Company of Hyundai·Kia Motors which is the majority shareholder.

Hyundai Powertrain Technology has some of the world’s best performance and quality standards with its proven range of inboard marine diesel engines. With this pedigree Hyundai SeasAll Marine was established with its name meaning ‘All of the Oceans’.

Hyundai SeasAll has rights to develop and manufacture marine engines founded on base engines coming from Hyundai·Kia Motors. With strong brand name Hyundai and marine engine technology, Hyundai SeasAll’s objective is to become major top marine diesel brands in the near future by extending distribution worldwide; it is to share better marine life culture via efficient distribution networks. We are growing every year with continuous technology development and we are working with all our employees to supply better products.

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Our values

Together for a better future!

The word‘ SeasAll’means all of the five oceans.



Product Philosophy

The Most Modern Marine Diesel Engines!
Stronger and more powerful than expected!
Lower fuel consumption than could be imagined!
No malfunctions and 100% reliable!