Heila Cranes SpA

Who we are

Heila Cranes manufactures heavy-duty cranes expressly designed and manufactured for marine applications, both shipboard and offshore, where design, safety and reliability standards are extremely demanding and severe hostile environmental conditions prevail.
Sales are carried out through a network of local sales offices and partners, with the aim of being close to the customers since the phase of technical project development.
R&D, Designing and manufacturing are carried out at our facilities located in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in close contact with a consolidated network of qualified suppliers in both the hydraulic and automation sectors.
The group center of excellence for after sales is located in The Netherlands providing commissioning, inspections and revision services and managing spare parts sales worldwide. The site has also a fully equipped electrical manufacturing workshop for systems especially intended for marine applications.
The use of sophisticated design models allows us to simulate the working conditions of their marine cranes in order to ensure a long product life by eliminating every possible structural risk. The continuous improvement of our products, due to extensive field tests made possible by the collaboration of our business partners and feedback from our consolidated after-sales service, have made Heila cranes synonymous with safety, reliability and low maintenance costs.
Heila group has developed the necessary technical expertise in the automation field regarding the use as well as the control and safe operability of their machines.
We offer our customers a wide range of products designed according to EN13852, API 2C, EN12999, and according to the main marine Classification Society like ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, LR, RINA, RMRS.
Heila Cranes adopts a well-establish quality assurance system, UNI EN ISO 9001 certified, which ensures that all our products and services meet the required quality standards and the specific needs of each single supply.

In 2012, Heila Cranes SpA merged with DOUBLE D marine equipment. This strategic acquisition has made both companies stronger in all areas. Heila SpA specializes in constructing marine and offshore cranes. Heila Cranes Nederland (previously called DOUBLE D marine equipment) stands for quality and expertise in service, maintenance and repair. Together, we focus on reliability, quality and service.

Our values

Heila cranes are used on ships, harbour quays and offshore. Thanks to our focus on custom-made solutions, our cranes are used on various types of vessels, and can handle the most challenging conditions on dredging vessels, support vessels and military ships.

In the offshore sector, our cranes are installed on anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessels, drilling and production platforms, and on floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels.

Our principles are:

-Specific design



We manufacture special manipulators for unloading bulk materials pneumatically. All special cranes are designed to meet the client’s specification.

In Reggio Emilia, Heila designs and manufactures the cranes in close contact with a consolidated network of suppliers in both the hydraulic and automation sectors.

Heila also guarantees a fast and efficient after-sales service.

We know how important it is for our customers to receive the right technical support, always and everywhere.

Heila Cranes Nederland is the place to be.
Many spares can be delivered from stock.
We offer maintenance contracts and emergency repairs in addition to new marine cranes and equipment.

Our mission
Heila supplies cranes and service to provide the maritime and offshore industries with safe and reliable lifting equipment for use in all required conditions.

Our aim is to become the leading global supplier of first-class marine cranes. We provide our customers a comprehensive offering of products and services to make them even more competitive.