Hefring Marine

Who we are

Ægir and Rán , the Nordic god and goddess of the sea, had nine daughters. Their daughters were the wave spirits and their names reflected different charactersistics of waves. One of the daughters was named for the rising wave. Her name was HEFRING.

Hefring was founded in Iceland in late 2018. The team behind the concept comes from a diverse background, from business development to mechanical engineering, boat building, education, banking, and medical devices.

The idea behind Hefring developed out of the our own need to measure impact forces affecting the boats that we were working on developing back when we were involved in the boat building industry. At the same time, a number of incidents occurred on high-speed boats in Iceland that resulted in serious injuries.

Connecting the two problem areas, we set out to develop a concept for a system capable of providing captains with guiding information about their journey. What began as a simple screen with colour indicators, fixed to the console of a high-speed vessel, has now developed into a full-fledged intelligent guidance and fleet management system.

Our values

Our Mission & Vision are to ensure that each boat journey is safe, guided and monitored.

To develop and make available intelligent systems for vessel owners, operators and managers that deliver valuable insights to enhance safety, efficiency, and asset longevity.