Hansen Protection AS

Who we are

Hansen Protection designs and manufactures advanced survival suits, emergency suits, and other harsh environment suits and life jackets for various work and niche applications. The survival equipment is provided to customers either through integrated services (a pay-per-use rental model), or through direct and distributor sales. Integrated services is a turnkey outsourcing service for all functions related to handling, cleaning, repair and testing of transportation suits. The handling and management of such suits requires a significant logistics setup and in-depth technical know-how in order to ensure the availability of suits when and where needed, and to ensure compliance with applicable safety standards and regulatory requirements. Hansen Protection is a market leader of integrated services of survival suits and other harsh environment suits in its current European geographies and have a particularly strong position on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Hansen Protection has a significant infrastructure in place at all relevant helicopter bases in Norway and at strategic heliports in other geographies to ensure storage and handling facilities with immediate access to customers in transit.

Hansen Protection entered the integrated services market for offshore wind in 2015 and reinforced its position through the acquisition of HeliPPE in 2018. Hansen Protection’s offering to the wind industry also includes rental services to transportation by boat. Hansen Protection’s product offering within the Personal Protection segment includes Helicopter passenger suits (Transportation suits), Emergency immersion suits, Work suits, Niche suits, and Lifejackets.

Our values

Promoting good business practice

Our Complete Code of Conduct – Values and Ethics can be downloaded as a PDF using the link on this page

The purpose of our Code of Conduct is to create a sound corporate culture and to preserve the integrity of the Company by helping employees to promote standards of good business practice. Furthermore, our Code of Conduct is intended to be a tool for self-evaluation and a vehicle for development of the Company identity.

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