Guderoglu Marin Deniz Malzemeleri San. Tic. LTD. S

Who we are

Our company started
in 1992 and till to now manufacturing life jacket, inflatable life jackets, automatic and manual life jacket lights, life buoys.

In 2007 we had started to produce MED 96/ 98 EC and SOLAS approved life jackets for international customers. After getting required certificates to our products, we were on the international waters. On 2010 we had manufactured our new product "Rescue Master 2010" with the new regulations.

Every year we are adding new models to our production line to keep you safe in sea.

Our values

On the sea, safety is always comes at first place. Our main duty is to be with you, when you need it. With this awareness, since 1992, we are on the deck to provide safety at sea of our clients.