Grup Aresa Internacional

Who we are

ARESA SHIPYARD S.L is a leader shipbuilding company in the international market , with more than 60 years of experience in naval construction , is capable to build vessels up to

60 meters in length in Steel , Marine Aluminum and Composite materials .ARESA SHIPYARD offers one of the biggest range of vessels in Europe , as it is specialized in Military and Defense vessels as

Offshore Patrol Vessels , Inshore Patrol Vessels , Coastal Patrols , High Speed Interceptors craft , Military Landing Crafts and many others type of surveillance vessels .

In the transport of passengers range is offering Catamarans , Trimarans and Mono hull vessels up to 60 meters in length , build in Aluminum and Composite materials . ARESA SHIPYARD is specialized as well

In all kind of professional fishing vessels like Purse Seiner vessels , semi industrial fresh or freezer trawler vessels , tuna clipper vessels , long liner fishing vessels and coastal fishing vessels .

In the professional services vessels range ARESA is offerings pilots vessels , harbor service vessels , dive support vessels , crew transfer vessels , platform service vessels , hydrographic and research vessels , search and rescue vessels

And many other type of vessels .ARESA SHIPYARD offer to its customers the most customized services pack to increase the live cycle of their vessels as Integrated Logistic Support Programs , Spare parts programs , Maintenance and service programs , logistic supports and training programs .

Our values

Experience. Innovation. Value. The keys that define ARESA SHIPYARD since 1961

Our presence around the world