Who we are

“I founded my company in the 70s, when the world of the Italian marine industry was made only by a small group of enthusiasts.
I never thought about my company as an industry or a commercial reality, I have always considered it as craft workshop.

A workshop of ideas and projects serving the customer, who should be listened to, interpreted and guided towards the best choice.”

Giuliano Pavan (1948-2016)

The founder

Our values

Frigonautica is a leading manufacturer of refrigerators for "special purposes", especially for yachts.

We design and manufacture stainless steel refrigerators in collaboration with the best designers, collecting their requests and turn them into challenges. We always use the best materials, state-of-the-art techniques to ensure quality products and support our customers with competent and skilled technical service. The quality of our refrigerators is a guarantee, not just a promise.