Who we are

Our rope manufacturing company is renowned internationally for producing the highest quality goods. The company was started in 1942 when the Folch family began to manufacture “squareline” braided ropes.

At the beginning, the production was assigned to the iron and steel industry and the product range was soon extended to satisfy the marine demand, accordingly to the requirements of the market in regard to the application of fibres and the way to produce them. As such, natural fibres, initially used, were replaced by synthetic fibres, and the manufacturing process went from traditional craftwork to a vertical mechanised process: extrusion, twisting, cabling and/or braiding.

Under the management of the fourth generation of the Folch family, Folch Ropes S.A. currently has a highly qualified team of staff, modern installations in an idyllic setting, and the most advanced rope manufacturing machinery that meets the highest quality standards.

We hope we can learn a little more about each other through this publication, and we feel proud to count on an extensive network of friends that have made it possible.

We wish to express our gratitude to you.

Our values

Our objective is to continue to provide the best and highest quality service to our customers. To that end, we only use first class raw materials and we meticulously monitor all manufacturing phases right up to final testing, using our test bench with a load capacity of up to 200 Tn.