Who we are

FITT, a leading global group established in Italy in 1969 - and today a Benefit Company - is a pioneer in the production and development of solutions for the transfer of fluids for domestic, professional and industrial applications. For over 50 years, FITT has been developing high-tech solutions that guarantee to our customers reliability, safety, top-level performance and ease of use. With its headquarters in Sandrigo (Vicenza), FITT has a turnover of 304 million Euro, exports to 87 countries, has 1000 employees, 10 production sites (7 in Italy, 3 in Europe), 13 logistics sites worldwide and 5 subsidiaries.

FITT develops solutions that ensure safety, performance and ease of use, applicable to 9 dedicated and specialised business units: agriculture, building, food&beverage, gardening, industrial, infrastructure, marine, pool and ventilation.

Our values

FITT is based on simple but important values that, like a beacon always shining, provide a guide to a clear and rigorous way of being and acting. Always being true to oneself is the critical success factor for achieving one's ambitions.

The independent pioneer approach has shaped the soul of FITT; unchanged in over fifty years of history.

Continuous technological research and creative thinking are the ingredients for the development of cutting-edge solutions.

Putting people first and an international outlook are part of FITT's nature, and its way of acting.


FITT has incorporated sustainability at the center of its future strategy. For FITT sustainability is a synonym of responsibility, a value with three principles at its basis: Innovation to create better products, better performing and with less impact; Transparency in measuring and communicating the impact to all stakeholders; and Interdependence in engaging with other industry actors through chain synergies.

FITT has chosen to become a Benefit Company and, therefore, to pursue, in addition to making a profit, the public and official commitment of a positive impact on society and the biosphere.

Furthermore, FITT has joined the United Nations’ Global Compact, choosing to pursue 7 among the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in three areas: Environment, Social e Governance.