Exit Carbon

Who we are

Exit Engineering designs and builds ultra high-end carbon fiber accessories for yachts.

We’re engineers – we love what we do, and we love to talk about it. But we know not everyone gets excited about technical details like pre-preg fabrics, high pressure and temperature autoclave curing, or clean room lay-ups.

What we want our customers to understand, however, is that we utilize the best professional composite builders. We stand behind everything we do with materials that are above and beyond industry standards, tracking production processes to ensure quality, guarantees for our products’ performance.

Our values

Our products are better, stronger, lighter, and have a more perfect carbon fiber finish than anyone else’s.

When the world’s best manufacturers of mid-range to super-yachts need something exceptional, they look for Exit Carbon products. An increasing number of high-end yachts are equipped with Exit Carbon accessories and a growing number of sailing teams and naval architects ask to work with us.

We use aerospace industry standards for cleanliness in our production facilities to eliminate imperfections.

Our suppliers are re-inspected and certified every 6 months to ensure we bring only our best work to your boat. Autoclave rated female moulds, made with carbon or aluminum, cost us 5 to 10 times more than typical marine industry moulds -but are the most precise moulds available and the only ones able to withstand the temperature and pressure necessary to bring you an Exit Carbon product. Computer Numerical Control machining and surface modeling CAD gives us enormous flexibility in designing with carbon fiber.

Our presence around the world