Who we are

The Challenge:

The greater the depth, the greater the pressure on seals and connections protecting delicate electronics in underwater, diving and oceanographic equipment. Conventional switches and keypads have difficulty with wash-down conditions and are not recommended to use for any length of time submerged. Specialty switching devices designed for submersion are very limited in functionality and cost prohibitive.

The Solution:

Everswitch’s standard switches and keypads are usable to depths of 3000 feet if sealed/mated correctly to watertight housings. All of our products are milled from solid metal housings and completely sealed with a proprietary potting compound that is proven effective for 25 years in every environmental condition. Switches and keypads are touch activated (even with neoprene diving gloves) and have no moving parts where water or sand could penetrate. Our switches can also provide an array of different functions beyond a simple momentary switch closure: toggle, continuous, programmable and slide switch functions can be incorporated as well. Our ability to offer products in either Aluminum, Type 316 STS or polycarbonate allows us to meet every environmental challenge.

Our values

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EVERSWITCHTM Technology - Comprehensive range of piezoelectric switches, keypads and integrated

Derived Benefits:

Zero power required for switch operation results in longer battery life
Easy equipment maintenance
Improved reliability, functionality and cost
Unprecedented design options.

Other Related Applications:

Underwater Metal Detection Equipment
Customized Oceanographic Systems
Naval Targeting/Marking Buoys
Wave Energy Generating Systems
Marine GPS
Fishery Scales on North Sea Fishing Vessels