ERpro PC

Who we are

ERpro PC (Ermioni Products PC) is a newly established company after the substantial increase in demand of our seats. The company's goal is to fine-tune its products by adopting tried-and-tested technologies from motor sport world, such as cars, motorcycles, mountain bikes, snowmobiles etc., adding futuristic touches and customized solutions.
We hope that during our future work, we will manage to expand our product applications to many different areas of interest. Aiming to succeed, we invite every inspired engineer, architect or individual to share with us his draft designs and dreams about industrial or personal products. /

Our values

Passion: The excellent work quality and the continuous upward trend for improvement give a peculiarity to our products.

Desing: Every detail has been designed with special care increasing the reliability and the product life span.

Performance: All products are simple, durable and design to meet the most demanding customer needs.

Support: Our notable consistency in meeting the terms of customer contracts make us a superior company.