ELME Spreader AB

Who we are

As the world’s leading spreader manufacturer, ELME Spreader supports companies worldwide with container handling solutions. Over a period of four decades, our customers have attached over 25,000 ELME spreaders to their lift trucks, reach stackers, straddle carriers and cranes.

Started as a one man activity in 1974, today, ELME Spreader employs 200 highly qualified people, who develop, design, produce, market and service over 1,000 spreaders annually. Every single spreader is built at the plant in Älmhult, where all the work is carried out - from design and product development to manufacturing, assembling and testing. This unique approach results in 100% control over the production and final quality of the products.

The ELME spreader product range includes spreaders for cranes, straddle carriers, lift trucks and reach stackers for ISO container handling and spreaders for intermodal handling, allowing the spreader to handle swap bodies, trailers and bottom lift containers. Having done some single projects with all-electric spreaders from time to time, in year 2017 ELME Spreader launched an all-electric crane spreader series.

We do also offer a wide range of piggyback attachments and special equipment for cranes and trucks (e.g. tool changer, slab handler and spreaders with tilting function) together with our range of approved spare parts – ELME Genuine Parts. Read more about us and our products at: elme.com.

Our values

ELME Company Values

Our philosophy...
…is to remain the leading independent spreader manufacturer in the world
…is to have a wide range of spreader models and attachments for container and material handling
…is to have customized products within well-defined modules
…is to have a rapid development process to meet specific customer requirements
…is to have an efficient in-house manufacturing
…is to be a long term OEM supplier

ELME Product Values
- Design for durability
- Reliability
- Easy maintenance
- Simplicity
- Consistently high quality
- Most value for money

Our presence around the world