Who we are

EcoTank Mission: ECOTANK was created to reduce the environmental damage caused by the uncontrolled dumping of polluted water into seas, rivers, and lakes. ECOTANK's ultimate goal is to Keep the water blue! All around the world!

Over the last 10 years, ECOTANK has developed unique equipment and methodologies to service boats, yachts, ports & marinas to reduce the environmental impact of yachting and raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our maritime environment.

ECOTANK has invented and improved a MultiService barge making it easy and convenient for all boat owners to dispose of their liquid and solid wastes, enabling them to respect the international maritime laws (International Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution MARPOL).

ECOTANK innovative maritime waste management materials are tailored to help ports and marinas to meet the standards required by eco-responsible local labels and certifications such as "PAVILLON BLEU" and "PORT PROPRE" in France. Our solutions have been developed and adopted by the busiest most exclusive ports and marinas of the Frech Riviera and Monaco.

The ECOTANK Multi-service eco-responsible barge is designed to pump-out black, grey and bilge waters abroad yachts and superyachts anywhere! EcoTank Multiservice Wast management barge is also equipped to collect all kinds of floating waste in ports, marina, and coastal environments. The ECOTANK barges have been developed and improved over the last 10 years to answer all the various requirements of ports, marinas, and harbor administrators. ECOTANK now offers its innovative Multi-service Barge to ports operators and eco-friendly entrepreneurs around the world.

The EcoTank multiservice barge is suitable to help reduce environmental pollutions, facilitate the collection of garbage aboard any boat, anywhere, and used for various services such as the delivery of freshwater for ships at anchor, maintenance of anchor chains and mooring, refloating and urgent marine decontamination of ships in wreck situation, towing of vessel in damage...

Conscious of the importance of water for humanity and its limited supply, ECOTANK objective is to offer all the Ports and Marinas of the world an end to end solution for waste management for all boats owners and ports and Marinas operators.

Let's keep the water blue together!

Our values

- Transparency with our customers and employees

- Innovation to serve our planet

- Respect of our mother nature

- Passion for the water

- Engagement to preserve our oceans