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In 2018 22 years since the beginning of a production activity of the ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company were executed. For this period of time the company became the Russian leader on production of the equipment intended for localization and elimination of emergency and chronic spill of oils/oil products.

Now the ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company mastered release of a batch production more than 50 names. During the production activity the ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company let out: more than 700 km of various booms; more than 350 sets of the various oil skimmer systems; more than 3000 pieces of self-supporting and floating tanks for temporary storage of oil; more than 1000 sets of incinerators for organic waste burning; more than 150 t of the absorbent material "Ekosorb" and products from it and many other oil spill response products.

Today of the ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company is the production base equipped with modern processing equipment and labor collective which is capable to execute any major problem at high professional level.

The ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company carries out delivery of the production to all leading Russian oil and gas companies. Production of the ECOservice - Neftegaz company was delivered to such countries, as Kazakhstan, Venezuela, China, Malaysia, Nigeria, the USA. The main consumers of production of the ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company are the enterprises of oil and gas branch, and also the enterprise of railway, sea and river transport, municipal services. Total number of consumers of production of the company exceeded 300.

The ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company at the same time with production of already successfully proved equipment carries constantly out research and developmental works on creation of new types of the equipment which would have higher efficiency, reliability and possessed wider scope.

Designers and engineers of the ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company developed and introduced in production technological complexes for purification of petrocontaining production waters, separation plants for division of water and oil emulsions. Now this equipment is successfully operated on a number of the industrial enterprises of Russia.

One of the main priorities of ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ activity is quality of providing products which was repeatedly noted by diplomas of various international specialized exhibitions. And such types of production as booms of the BARRIER series, skimmer of the SPRUT series, incinerators strongly proved as the best Russian equipment for localization and elimination of oil spills. Reliability and efficiency of this equipment was repeatedly proved at accident elimination on various industrial facilities.

On many types of the equipment released by the ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company patents for inventions are taken out.

At design and production of the equipment, the company applies the principle of a reasonable combination of the best Russian and foreign materials and components. Such approach allows letting out production of the wide range with the quality which isn't conceding to the best world analogs. Thus the cost of the equipment let out by the company is much lower than these analogs.

The ECOservice - NEFTEGAZ company, being the reliable partner in environmental protection, invites the companies of Nigeria to mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of ecological safety.

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