DECK Marine Systems OÜ

Who we are

DECK Marine Systems is an Estonian private company specializing in Winches, Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) and Instrument Deployment Units for handling of underwater equipment.

We are a multidiscipline team of highly skilled and enthusiastic engineers, whose passion is the design and manufacturing of specialized marine lifting and handling equipment. We equip professionals in the marine industries with rugged, cost-effective equipment that optimizes the ability to survey, navigate, and utilize underwater terrain.

- Umbilical / ROV
- Oceanographic / cable
- Anchor handling and towing
- Special purpose lifting and hoisting

Winch technology is one of our core specialties. We are present in the niche of highly specialized winches for such applications as deployment of ROVs towing of underwater vessels, ocean science and special-purpose lifting and hoisting systems.

Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS):
- LARS for ROV and AUV
- LARS for Trencher
- LARS for Plough
- LARS for MCM vessels

Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) for handling of underwater vessels is another niche market where our competence and knowledge plays crucial role in offering our customers reliable high quality and cost-efficient solution.

Instrument Deployment Units (IDU):
- IDU for echosounder
- IDU for sonar
- IDU for USBL
- IDU for hydrophone

DECK Marine Systems has the most comprehensive product family of Instrument Deployment Units (IDU) for handling of underwater acoustic instrumentation covering all vessel sizes starting from small aluminum survey boats and going up to the biggest offshore and navy vessels.

Our values

Our Values and Why to cooperate with us
Flexible - We are adept engineers and project managers
Cooperative - The goal of our partner is our goal
Reliable - No compromise in the quality and lead time
Supportive - Always here to support you in any issues
Innovative - We are proactive in a fast-changing environment