Who we are

Daevi is expert company in multi-surface masking systems and personal protection.

Our 25 years of experience in the market have allowed development of innovative products and protection systems.

We are manufacturers of Protection masking film “Quick Mask”, unique plastic film with masking tape mainly used during refinish, paint and restoration. Thanks to our aim to help user, we have launched one Quick Mask roll for every need. We supply Quick Mask with different tapes adapted to every application; with masking tape 80º, with masking tape resistant to UV Sun rays ( featured for exterior use ) and taped with rice fibre paper ( washi tape) resistant to very hight temperature.

Thanks to our dedication to find the right protective solution, we offer new products for marine yacht paint and refit. MAXPRO is thought and designed to be the most proper and efficient protection for decks, interior floors. Maxpro is very recommended for protection of natural teak decking against damages or stains. It is waterproof and let the wood to breath.

Personal protection is another of our priorities. For technical applicators safety, we offer overalls, shoe covers, masks and gloves.

We count on our partners to distribute our products in Europe. Do you want to be our distributor?

Our values

Our main values are offering highest product quality, accurate service and expert assistance to professional yacht painters and yacht Service companies for maintenance and refit.

We trust in three basics: : our customers, our partners or suppliers and our team. All of them are important and we try to assist and give answer as Best as possible. We are reachable on the phone, e-mail, Skype, whatsapp, social networks or contacting to our distributors in Europe.

We are Socially Responsible Enterprise in collaboration with non-profit organizations, who help disadvantaged groups. This is our way to balance inequities.

We are proud to collaborate with Intermon Oxfam in TRANsforma project since 2008. We have an approved donation plan for 2017, when every monthly donation will be destined for a single project.

Some contributions to Crowfunding project are helping to clean the sea water into the ports like the Sea Bin Project. We have contribute in sailing race as well like Trofeo Tanit, whose exclusive participants are women with the objective to promote the women sailing

Our presence around the world