Corex Honeycomb

Who we are

We have a long history of manufacturing and supplying high quality aluminium honeycomb core, a key component in some of the most impressive structures in the world. Combining incredible strength with light weight, our honeycomb is used in a wide range of projects in the marine industry, as it reduces the added weight of structures, furniture and fittings.

Aluminium honeycomb is used worldwide in yachts, racing boats, recreational boats and commercial craft and can be applied in the construction of partitions, interiors, furniture, doors, ceilings, sole flooring, gunwales, hulls and bulkheads.

Corex Honeycomb has been awarded the Wheelmark and United States Coastguard Certification. By complying with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 and Smoke and Toxicity Test to IMO Resolution MSC 61(67), our aluminium honeycomb is suitable for use on board any European or American marine vessel.

We can also provide our customers with a range of Nomex® and Kevlar® aramid paper honeycomb core, as well as polypropylene honeycomb (UK only).

Encocam, our parent company, is an innovative and creative organisation with over 30 years’ experience spanning a large range of innovative and creative industries from energy absorption, safety testing solutions, composite panels, interior design, motorbikes, architecture and a range of manufacturing and engineering services.

Mike Ashmead, founder of Encocam, had the vision to manufacture his own aluminium honeycomb to extend the company’s control over its value chain. Since 90% of Encocam’s products require aluminium honeycomb it was essential that the company had its own reliable source of supply. Consequently, Encocam set up Corex Honeycomb as its own manufacturer of aluminium honeycomb, the company has now become a leading supplier all over the world.

Our values

Our mission is to become the first choice aluminium honeycomb supplier globally, known for reliability and short lead times. We work with our customers on their projects with input from our Engineering and Product Development team. Our expertise and experience allows us to be flexible and adaptable to meet our customers requirements.

We love a challenge so do make sure you get in touch!