Who we are

ComNav Marine Ltd. (ComNav) is a global specialist in the design and manufacture of advanced marine navigation systems, precission GNSS RTK products, thermal night vision cameras and AIS solutions.

Founded in 1982, ComNav products have gained international recognition for product reliability and performance.

Located in the technology hub of Canada, ComNav is backed by a stellar team of engineers, product customer care specialists and exemplary stewardship, as well as a global trusted network of authorized technical servicing dealers in over 110 countries.

The result: A name and products you can trust.

Our values

ComNav’s environmental stewardship to protect our water, air and forests is at the core of our heartfelt commitment. Our design philosophies will not only continue to save energy and fuel, but also conserve precious resources to aid in the next era of human progress. We envision a future forward suite of solutions that embraces modern eco-friendly technology, balanced with emotion and intelligence in all aspects.