Who we are

BORD A BORD is a French aluminum shipyard founded in 2000. The company is located in Brittany, in the northwest of France. The hardness and dangerousness of the sea in that area has prompted BORD A BORD to build boats which can easily face those sea conditions.

BORD A BORD has therefore chosen aluminum to build the boats. Indeed, aluminum offers a high strength to weight ratio which allows much more scope for the design to be optimized according to specific criteria. Also, Aluminum boats require less engine power and use less fuel than comparable size boats of steel. Aluminum has a high resistance to impact, deforming to absorb energy. It has an excellent resistance to seawater and a long life expectancy.

BORD A BORD works with different naval architects which allows to diversify the constructions and to answer all specific demands. In fact, BORD A BORD offers a range of aluminum boats up to 16 meters and can also create a boat to meet the clients’ specifications.

We build professional boats, leisure boats and dive boats.

The shipyard has selected partners to outsource the complementary services in order to meet the demand concerning motorization, marine electricity, specific equipment, expertise.

Our team of welders is certified VERITAS.

A production update is sent daily to the client by mail with pictures of the building of the boat.

Our values


At BORD A BORD, each boat is a unique project


BORD A BORD key words are flexibility and the attention to the client’s needs. We are able to create

your boat to meet your specifications.

BORD A BORD ensures you a personalized approach at all stages of your project.


BORD A BORD is concerned about the environment. Since 2013 the shipyard is approved Vague

Bleue Eco-Conception to optimize the aluminum, as well as the entire building process.