Bluet Floating Solutions

Who we are

Bluet is a Finnish company, specializing in profitable waterfront development with Floating Solutions. In addition to our Floating Infrastructure solutions, our core business is Floating Pools. We want to show our customers the potential of floating construction in urban development and business development.

Bluet is turning Visions into Reality by offering One-Stop-Shop services for Floating Construction. The goal of the One-Stop-Shop principle is that we can offer a profitable and feasible solution tailored to your needs from an early idea through good planning in the early project phases.

Each project is unique depending on location, needs, environmental and technical requirements. Our work scope modifies along with the project needs: we design and modify our own floating products and aim to create a solution that will be delivered with needed and required lifetime services.

We operate worldwide and work together with large network of professionals including global contractors, suppliers and designers. In the project location country we team up with the best local experts for your project.

Services and products we offer include:

- Technical Concept designs and architectural designs
- Assistance for zoning, building and water site permitting
- Project planning, including scheduling and cost planning
- Engineering works with feasibility studies
- Technical engineering and design supervision
- Product delivery and on-site assembly with global and local partners
- Overall project management and site supervision
- Lifetime services, including product guarantees and needed mainetnance with annual inspections (depending on the agreement)

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Our values

BLUET is BOLD. By cooperating openly with different business fields, talents and authorities, combining this all with solid engineering skills and special know-how, expertise in technical solutions and interest in the innovations, we are creating the direction for floating construction industry and new floating solutions. We are bold and experimental, yet our goal is to create feasible end-solutions and act as an enabler of dreams.

BLUET is LIVELY. We are a lively and flexible team that adapts to the specific project and Client needs. The core team is an innovative team with experience from multiple fields where the new project – and above all – the new challenges are seen as an inspiring factor, not a break factor. Common mindset is the enthusiasm for floating construction – and the desire to create new.

BLUET is UNQIUE. Quality is something we value highly, both service and product. End-result of the joint journey is a satisfied Client and an end-product, which also provides a unique user experience to the end-user.

BLUET is ECOLOGICAL. Ecofriendly and Ecological – Environmental friendliness – this is the target in all of our solutions. We aim at sustainable operations, where renewable energy solutions, ease of use and maintenance, respect for and saving nature and water areas, minimizing the impact on the aquatic ecosystems are the starting points for the design and implementation.

BLUET is TEAMWORK. Together forward. In the global world, developing a network of local expertise and partnership network, setting common goals and acting on them – that is what global team work is all about.