Bluet Floating Solutions

Who we are

Bluet is a Finnish company, specializing in profitable waterfront development with floating solutions. We offer creative problem solving from early vision and property development to final design and realization plan, as a One-Stop-Shop service solution, giving real added value to our clients.

We offer design, engineering, consulting, project management with project delivery and supervision services around the world. We create, coordinate and oversee the floating construction project in co-operation with the best global and local contractors. 

We can take care of one particular phase (for example concept design or feasibility study), work as your partner throughout the project, or deliver the entire structure as a turnkey project (depending on your location).

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Bluet - The future is floating

Services and materials we offer include:

• Concept designs and architectural designs
• Authority reports and permissions, zoning and water site studies
• Consulting for zoning, building and water site permitting
• Creative problem-solving and feasibility studies
• Engineering works and technical studies
• Project planning with schedules and costs
• Technical engineering and design supervision
• Product delivery with global and local partners
• Overall project management and site supervision

Our values

Floating construction is an ecologically sustainable solution – at the end of its life cycle it will not leave a footprint on the environment and can be transported elsewhere. It also offers an excellent option to high energy self-sufficiency due to the propitious conditions – besides district heat, also hydro, wind and solar energy can be exploited on coastal areas.

No large or noisy construction site that causes hazards to the environment due to the traffic and noise. Houses and other floating buildings are built in factories or on another site so that the surrounding area will not get disturbed. When they are finished, they get towed to the destination.

All construction materials of floating houses are carefully selected. Steel elements are either acid resisting or hot zinc coated to prevent corrosion. Supporting structures, as well as other materials, are light and durable. All structures are designed according to local conditions in the final location: wind, temperature, wave, streams and ice factors are taken into the consideration in designing structures to last in a challenging environment.