Who we are

Rather than pace around the marina looking longingly at other people’s boats, rekindle the joy of being a boat owner and light up a lifetime of memories.

At Bluefin, underwater lights are religion. We design them with an attention to detail intended to create memories for boat owners everywhere.

With our unique control system, the mood is in your hands. Just attach your boat to our lights and watch heads turn. We’re here for the man who knows that the lights you choose depends on whether you want to be remembered as the guy with a boat, or the guy with the boat that everyone wants to be on.

We are here to help solve all your yacht lighting problems, please contact us directly with your questions and requirements.

Our values

Our underwater LED boat and marina lights are patented and incorporate cutting edge technology.
Our products are all British engineered and manufactured.
We provide quality assured solutions for vessels large and small.
Internal driver systems are supplied as standard across our entire core range.
We never compromise on quality throughout design, manufacture and assembly stages.
We constantly strive to increase performance and reliability, whilst reducing cost.
As a customer-driven business, we are committed to providing exceptional quality and service. Give us a call at the factory.

Our presence around the world