B & G

Who we are

B&G has been at the cutting edge of sailing innovation for 60 years. Whether you're motivated by the thrill of your next race or a passion for cruising, our electronics are designed for you.

We offer the Compact, Performance and Grand Prix range of electronics to ensure every sailor finds a product to suit their needs.

Our values

The B&G Compact Range has been put together especially for the coastal cruising sailor and club racer. These products have been designed and selected to make equipping your boat as simple and easy as possible.

The B&G Performance Range has been designed for those that demand the most from their boat, always. Whether it's for offshore racing or Blue Water Cruising, there is a constant need and desire for accurate and reliable data.

B&G's Grand Prix systems combine our most sophisticated electronics with industry-leading software to drive world-class performances and realise sailing ambitions. Our precision marine electronics and unrivalled sailing heritage inspire results. Beyond every milestone and success we strive to push sailing innovation. We're proud to build products our customers trust, anticipate, delight in and are inspired by - to push our capabilities and your sailing further, and together realise our dreams.