Who we are

Our brand, internationally recognized as La Noria, was registered in 1973 for nautical or other manufacturing.

We have always stood out for being pioneers of manufactured products in various sectors such as agriculture. We are pioneers in the manufacture of high pressure sand filters; in the swimming pools sector, the manufacture of self-supporting swimming pools of one piece; And in the fishing sector, a pioneer in various professional vessels such as light boat, fencing and trawlers.

Since the registration of our brand, we have always been careful to develop a diverse range of products. A pioneer company with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of nautical articles and various materials.

We started in the market using polyester / fiberglass, creating good designs, offering convenience and versatility for consumers. Thanks to the improvements in the industry and our dedication to the use of new technologies, we incorporate the use of high-density three-layered polyethylene, PETRFV, thus achieving greater strength and stiffness, and at the same time, compact and totally watertight products.

Thanks to the use of the latest technology on the market, polyethylene three-layered with the integrated "ANTI U.V.A." additives, we achieve a final product with the colors much more resistant and alive over the years, have no maintenance as fiber since there is no need to paint them like fiber, resistant to the sun thanks to the "ANTI UVA" additives,100% recyclable material, non polluting to the environment and are totally waterproof and insufferable.

Our values

After 46 years experience in this sector and thanks to the evolution and development of our manufacturing processes, we at La Noria are proud to offer an extensive range of truly superior quality products as standard to our clients, choose from our wide range of pedalos, kayaks, paddle surf boards and leisure boats.

Due to the evolution and development process of La Noria, we have risen to become one of the world leaders in our field, present at all the main trade fairs and

Our presence around the world